Aquaponics Pumps

Certain air lift designs can go beyond the basic lift guidelines by using chambers and air burps to accelerate water faster than through a straight pipe and thus much higher than their submergence would normally allow. There are several patents for geyser pumps that we can learn from, and Olomana Gardens in Hawaii has been […]

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An air lift is using air bubbles in a pipe to lift water. The deeper you start the bubbles, the more water you can lift, but the more PSI required on the air pump. The air lifts the water and it flows out of the top. Air lifts are extremely energy efficient, but not as […]


The pump you choose is critical. Harbor freight sells cheap pumps, but you will be caught with a dead pump sooner or later if you use these (not to mention the lead and oil in your aquaponics system). What are some good pump choices?