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I would be happy to answer questions and research things related to aquaponics for you, but don’t send incomplete questions. Here is some of the information I’ll need:

Want to Create a System?

  • What is your USDA Hardiness zone?
  • How much floor space do you have? Is it sheltered (basement, indoors, greenhouse)
  • What is your initial and yearly budget?
  • What is your purpose or goal of creating the system?

Have a system that is malfunctioning?

  • Ammonia Levels?
  • Nitrate Levels?
  • pH
  • Water Temperature from center and bottom of tank?
  • How old is the system? How long has it been running?
  • How are you adding water? Is it treated? Well water? River water? Rain water (type of roof or collection medium it comes from).
  • Has your aquaponics system cycled yet? What is your method of knowing this?
  • Do you have a diagram and picture of your system?
  • What size is your tank?
  • How often do you circulate the water, and what volume of water is cycling?
  • Do your fish or plants have any symptoms, discolorations, or abnormal behaviors?
  • What is your grow media? What size of gravel? Where did you get it?
  • What type of other aeration is there, how much?
  • Is your system in a green house? Is it vented/shaded/heated?
  • What size is your grow bed? How deep is it?
  • How many fish, what type, and how big are they?
  • What parts of your entire system that contacts water are metal?
  • What and how often are you feeding fish?
  • What type, if any pest control have you used on or near your fish/plants?

If you don’t answer these types of questions about your aquaponics system, it will be nearly impossible to understand what is wrong.