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Aquaponics System – Free Plans


The following plans are available as images, pdf, or google sketchup! We’ll send them to the email you provide below. Here is a short description of each, and each system comes with plans and parts list.

FREE PLANS:Aquaponics 1 Barrel Indoor Herb Garden

barrel-tn It’s small size and low cost allow for indoor use in a south facing window. You can expand it with hanging buckets, but indoors, if much bigger, it would generate humidity. Tt’s really designed to just be a small learning system that gives you fresh herbs. We grow strawberries, mint and chives in ours – what will you grow?

  • $75 or less in parts, anyone can afford
  • 2-3 lbs of fish
  • 10 watts
  • 3 SQF Feet of Grow Bed
  • Suggested: 4-12 small plants (herbs/greens), or 2 medium plants (fruiting)
  • Smallest practical design that is stable
  • Safe around children and toddlers

FREE PLANS: Aquaponics 2 Barrel Indoor/Outdoor Mini Garden

2barrel If you intend to grow real food, this is the smallest system we recommend. If you can afford the slightly larger system, it’s a much better deal and considerably more stable. There is no real advantage for saving this $100, and the 1 IBC system is a much better and more reliable system.

  • $200 or less in parts, budget friendly but productive
  • 5-10 lbs of fish
  • 17 watts
  • 12 SQF Feet of Grow Bed
  • 24-30 small plants (herbs/greens), or 6 medium plants (fruiting)
  • Smallest recommended outdoor system, but still very productive
  • Best indoors, but with a greenhouse/shadehouse can function outdoors

FREE PLANS:Aquaponics 1 IBC system 1/4 Adult Food Supply

simple-tote If you cannot grow indoors, or a controlled climate, this is the smallest size we recommend. It’s easier to regulate temperatures in the large volume of water, and because it’s so large, it’s quite forgiving of beginner mistakes. We have grown peppers, chives, dill, broccoli, spinach, lavender spinach and kale in ours. What do you want to grow in yours?

  • $300 or less in parts, easy to upgrade
  • 10 lbs of fish per top
  • 25 watts
  • 12 sqf Feet of Grow Bed, expandable to 36 SQF!
  • For each Top: 30-40 small plants (greens/herbs) or 12 medium plants
  • Very stable, hands free, low maintenance, safe for fish
  • Perfect for outdoors, best with a greenhouse/shadehouse
  • Perfect and recommended start for aquaponics beginners who want to produce real food
  • Designed for low energy air lift usage! No moving parts!
  • Operating cost is estimated about $75 per year + seeds

FREE PLANS: Aquaponics 2 IBC, Complete Adult Food Supply

2-adult If you are a prepper, survivalist, or offgrid enthusiast or simply interested in proven sustainable technology – this system will provide at least enough food for 1 adult, perhaps two depending on your crops and skill. Even at a $200 a month food bill savings, this pays for itself twice before the year is up! You can grow just about anything you want in these, and you can even use some grow beds with media and some floating raft. A single floating raft bed can hold over 100 spinach plants!

  • $1200 or less in parts (includes battery backup), saves hundreds each month in food
  • 50 lbs of fish per bed (max 3 beds)
  • 25 watts
  • 32 sqf of Grow Bed (expand for $200 each)
  • Hundreds of small plants (greens/herbs), or dozens of medium plants (fruiting)
  • Most stable, lowest maintenance, easiest to manage, most productive
  • Offgrid design allows for pre planned solar usage and low wattage because of ultra reliable air lift.
  • Operating cost is estimated about $275 per year + seeds

We have the plans created and are putting them on the autoresponder today! You should be able to signup and get them free in a day or two!