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Aquaponics System – Lifetime Membership

Why Pay for Lifetime Membership?
Basically – we make sure you have success with your aquaponics system. We need funding for website development and this offer will be revoked when we’ve met our funding goals, but here are the benefits of paid membership:

access to all content (including training)
If you do not already have access to our training, we’ll manually provide access to you. The training is amazing and you’ll save at least the value of lifetime membership, probably many times over simply because of the value of the advice and solutions we provide in the training.
access to special reports
Some of our reports are not free on our website. We paid researchers, paid for the graphics and rights to reprint various studies. We need to charge for these reports to recover our costs. Paying members get access to things like how to grow worms, crickets, cockroaches, black soldier fly larvae and specifics on growing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, or running a commercial aquaponics business. Basically the best and most detailed info we have, is yours free. We email you a list of each monthly or weekly report and you simply download the one that interests you.
lifetime email support
Any questions related to aquaponics that we can help with, we will. We’ll research the answer and do our best to provide a realistic solution to your issue given any constraints such as budget, time, legal issues, or any other obstacles you are having.
custom system design
Don’t know how big of a system you need, or need to produce a certain amount of fish or vegetables? We’ll help you plan the proper size to feed you and your family or for any project you have.
research assistance
Stuck on a particular part of the build process and want help? Don’t get frustrated, just ask us. Paying members get help in designing and operating the system customized for your specific needs.
planting recommendations
Need to know what to plant for each month and when to harvest it? No problem! We’ll send you a list of plants that are ideal for your USDA zone, and that will also do well in aquaponics.
fish recommendations
Finding suppliers in your area that sell restricted fish, and determining which fish are restricted is pretty easy, but it takes time. Many people don’t have the time or know where to start looking. We’ll find out for you and provide a list of suppliers that deliver or are available for pickup of the best types of fish for your area.
solar sizing and assistance
We help you plan out what is needed, and provide you with a parts list so you can shop for the best prices. The nice thing about having a 3rd party like aquaponics system plan out a list is that we don’t have any interest in which brands you buy so will give you honest answers about what you need, not what makes the vendor a buck. Also, if you oversize your solar system you could waste literally thousands of dollars. We help you avoid this mistake.
link to your site, pictures, or organization
If you have a business related to aquaponics industry this will get you more visitors. If you simply want to show off your system (which I highly encourage), this is also useful.
membership voting rights on future topics
We take care of our members. If you have needs, we do our best to solve them and provide you with the information and resources you need. Our normal agenda of posting free articles and advice is as we have time, and depending on what is most pressing for our own systems. However, if you are a paying member, we give you priority and will even custom write articles that solve your exact aquaponics problem.