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Want Expert Advice on How to Run Your Aquaponics System?


If you want to have organic and non-gmo food

for pennies a day, use these expert tips

Sustainabiliy? Prepper? Survivalist? Fighting GMO? Saving Money? Want organic food?

These are the most common reasons people investigate aquaponics. All of them are valid in my opinion and I operate from many of these same views myself. What happens when Wal-Mart is empty? A single natural disaster could have food supplies in many areas reduced or absent for months. There is talk of terrorism targeting power plants. The ripple effect from manmade or natural disaster is unpredictable.
Even when Wal-Mart has food available, is it safe? The majority of foods are toxic. The only safe way is to grow your own.
It’s a sad fact that we do not focus on sustainability. It is estimated that 75% of the WORLD population does not have a solid 3 meals a day. We cannot produce enough food to feed ourselves! When will this collapse? You need to take control NOW!

Want Expert, Proven, Help With Aquaponics?

How much easier would it be for you if you had help with:

  • selecting the perfect fish for your needs, ones that will always thrive
  • selecting plants that grow naturally and thrive in your back yard
  • ways to go off grid completely or enough to power your aquaponics system
  • shortcuts to tank cycling (2-3 weeks instead of 4-8 weeks)
  • how to legally beat HOA and city government rules
  • how to breed fish for an endless supply
  • detoxify your water with a $10 device that strips poisons (your fish will love you)
  • 10 minute solutions to curing almost all fish diseases
  • turning your food supply into a TAX WRITEOFF, letting Uncle Sam pay YOU
  • nearly free organic pest control that is food safe and fish safe

You NEED to know these things before you start aquaponics – unless you want to struggle, kill fish, have weak plants while you learn on your own. But I ask you, why? Why would you not get expert advice?

The Top 10 Reasons Aquaponics Systems Fail, and How to Easily Fix Them

Not Planning Your Harvests
Solution: use this tool to get monthly reminders tailored to your region.
Fish Dying
Use this no fail method of cycling your tank in under 3 weeks instead of putting fish in too early.
Garden Pests
Simple sprays made from these common, organic, safe to eat and safe for fish ingredients will almost completely protect your crops.
pH Imbalance
Simple method that costs pennies and will safely adjust pH using common materials, not harsh chemicals.
Simple methods of blocking sunlight, or harvesting the right types of algae as additional food!
Malnourished Plants
Amazing, organic, sustainable and fish safe ingredients you can add to your system to ensure the proper nutrients for healthy and big fruits.
Methods for figuring out exactly how much fish you need. This is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.
Sick Fish
Simple, and cheap fish cure remedies and tricks that will give your fish the maximum chance for survival.
Cheap Plants
Various ways to get free, or cheap seeds, cuttings, and full plants.
Dead Zones
Dead zones are anaerobic areas where water is not flowing through the system. Sometimes even the best designs have dead zones – use this trick to fix them.

Common Mistakes (Have You Made These Too?)

Dead Fish
My first system killed 8 of 10 fish – cycling? what’s that?!?! My second system killed 6 of 10 fish. You can’t cut that many plants at once… oops.
Pests/Organic Pest Control
I hope these mites/aphids/caterpillars go away… nope. But now I know the safe and simple solutions to spray them with at the first sign.
Information Overload
Simplified checklists that i will provide you with make this into a peaceful and fun experience instead of the overwhelming project that you dread.
Plant Selection
Your quick start guide has lists of winter and summer crops that are proven to grow well in aquaponics. Links to other tools give you free reminders of what and when to plant for your region.

Not a Biology Major? No Problem – Easy Button!

The quick start guide contains tips and trips that would normally take you tens or hundreds of installations to learn. There is no guessing, you are following the blueprints to a proven method and system used by hundreds of aquaponics experts around the world.
Research is done for you for the most common crops and combinations to ensure your aquaponics system grows healthy, large, delicious, organic fruit and vegetables up to 70% faster than in the dirt, and using 90% less water without chemicals!

Zombie Apocalypse Tomorrow?

Well, you’ll have to fight them off for a few weeks, but only a few weeks. It’s no secret that aquaponics grows up to 70% faster than normal crops, but here is why: They get constant and stable water which is carrying excellent nutrition. When plants are watered and fed regularly, they grow faster. They don’t use as much energy growing roots and instead can focus on growing the “fruit”. Cabbage can grow from seed to full size in only 6 weeks! Fruiting plants still take normal time, but they grow larger, and taste better.
You’ll learn how to grow bluegill, catfish, tilipia in record time just as fast as any fish farm, and you will have a reliable source of protein at your fingertips.

Unlimited fresh Organic Vegetables and fruits in Your Backyard?

For me, personally, the joy of touching plants, and watching them grow is indescribable. I work from home and often I will just go and touch the plants, especially the aromatic ones. It is tranquil, and a worthy feeling that you can only understand by experiencing. Water is automatically soothing for many people and watching fish can be hypnotic. This is the by product of a living garden – like a little Eden at your fingertips. You will be able to see how an ecosystem works in harmony and maintains balance. Oh – and you get plenty of organic greens, fruits and vegetables too!

Do You Know Any Aquaponics Experts?

Aquaponics is still such a new field that everyone is still learning and discovering what is possible. You can get a few books but they won’t tell you a simplified checklist of exactly what to do (my quickstart guide will). You can spend thousands of dollars on seminars, consultants, and videos. You can research the thousands of experiments all over youtube, and the internet. You can spend thousands of hours trolling through forums absorbing information.
Or, you can lean on me! I’ve done all of these things. Eventually you might learn more than me too! I hope you do! Until then, let me help you with your first few systems. I can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours experimenting and tell you of the experiments I’ve already done. Why reinvent the wheel? I am giving you my distilled expertise in an easily digestible format AND offering to answer any questions you might still have over email.

What Are the Real Benefits of Aquaponics?

  • Control your food supply
  • Pesticide free and 100% organic, always
  • GMO free
  • Use 90% less water
  • Grow up to 70% faster
  • Uses fish for sustainability instead of toxic chemicals
  • Zero waste product
  • Slash your food bill at least in half
  • Grow expensive or exotic plants for profit
  • Fresh fish once or twice a week from a normal sized system
  • Live off grid, untaxable
  • Prepare against most types of disasters
  • Enjoy nature, understand ecosystems, learn
  • Barter with friends and neighbors
  • Bond with family
  • Make your own herbal remedies

Order Your Consulting Membership Now!

Here is what you are getting:

Quick Start Guide (PDF) ($19.99 value)
Everything you need to know to build, cycle, maintain, and plan harvests for your first system.
Article Research Request (Normally $75 per article)
Once per month I will research any topic you wish in great detail, citing sources, studies, examples, and formulas if needed. Need solar? Got it. Need fish suppliers in your area? Got it! Sick fish? No problem! Sick Plants? You can count on me!
Article Library (priceless)
There are currently 300+ pages of articles available to subscribers ranging from solar power, water heaters, rocket mass stoves, greenhouse design, fruit and vegetable specifics, recipes, calculations, and just about anything you want to know about aquaponics. This will save you hours of research and allow you to quickly get the information you need for your specific project.

Bonus For First 100 subscribers

I want to help as many people as possible (and I can’t answer emails all day), so here is what I’m going to give you if you are one of the first 100 subscribers as a special bonus:

Unlimited Email Consulting (normally $100 an hour)
Have a quick question? Ask it via email and in a day or so I’ll respond with the best help I can give you. Sometimes this is a nudge in the right direction, or links to additional research, but often it’s exactly what you need to know immediately.

Remember – the first month is only $9.97 and includes the digital copy of my quick start guide which is easily worth $39.99. But you’ll also get access to ALL articles that all other members have requested previously AND you’ll get the ability to request one detailed research per month, or as many quick emails as I can fit into the day. After that it will be only $29.97 a month and you can cancel at any time, for any reason. You can email me at any time and I’ll help you solve your aquaponics problems, or even do research like above for you in great detail. This is like having me hold your hand and guarantee success.
You won’t find a better deal anywhere. The digital copies and information that you use are yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel. I may change this offer at any time, but if you lock in now, I’ll keep the same deal with you.

Guarantee? … of course!

You can see the types of projects we do on the website, but if for some reason I have misrepresented my knowledge, or if you are simply not happy with the help you receive, you can refund the current month. The system plans are yours to keep for free, and the articles you have downloaded are yours too as a way of saying thank you for helping this project get started and trusting me to guide you on your own project.

Are You Going To Stumble Through This?

If you haven’t already subscribed, why not? There is no badge of honor for being willfully ignorant. I say ignorant because there is so much to learn, and it is all easy to learn. But if you stick your head in the sand and refuse expert help you’ll learn it much slower. Aquaponics has the power the change the world. YOU have the power to change the world. Take action: Build a system! You have the plans already, now get the quick start advice and build it this weekend. What are you waiting for?!

Here is what Happens if you Try it Alone

  • You WILL kill fish
  • You will get pests and have to research how to deal with them
  • Your fish will get sick and you’ll need to learn how to fix them, or they die.
  • You WILL forget to plant or harvest something, ruining your chance at that crop
  • You WILL overspend, or buy the wrong stuff, costing you money
  • You MIGHT (WILL) add toxins into your system that are easy to avoid
  • You WILL forget to pollinate something that should of been pollinated
  • You might get molds and fungi that kill your crops unless you follow my instructions
  • You WILL overfeed your fish, causing them to die, because your system is too dirty
  • You WILL have algae growth that will rob your other plants of nutrients or kill your fish
  • You MIGHT get frustrated and can the whole project
  • When the zombies come…. you’ll be the first to go!

I speak from experience (except the zombie part)! Why go through this? The small investment I request will pay for itself hundreds of times over. You’ll also be helping thousands of other subscribers by allowing me to research your issues and share them with current and future members.

In Summary, Here is What you are getting:

  • Quick Start Guide that saves you hundreds of hours
  • Custom Article & Research Once per month
  • Access to all previous articles from other members (currently 300 pages approx)


Unlimited email consulting from me for the first 10 subscribers only. Ask any question and get a quick reply about how to solve your aquaponics issues or help with your aquaponics goals. You’ll get realtime support for any aquaponics issue or question so you will always be able to move forward confidently and without error. I cannot do this for everyone, so I’ve limited it to the first 10 subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in my area?
Yes, aquaponics works in ANY area. Specific greenhouses might need to be constructed for extreme climates, but you can grow food and fish anywhere on the planet that humans live.
How many fish can I eat?
Each type of fish grows at different rates. How many you can eat depends on how many you have, how much you feed them, and if you plan to replenish them or not. Here is one example: Tilipia can be bred in 4 months and will produce up to 1200 fry per breeding. They grow to plate size in 9 months if the temperatures are perfect and they are fed consistently. Catfish take up to 18 months to get to plate size. Bluegill take about 2.5 years. 75 tilapia under ideal conditions can give you a fish a week. Other fish will take 2 or 3 times as long to grow, so you’ll be able to eat less of them.
I want to grow XXX, will it work?
Maybe. You can’t grow something tropical if the temperatures of your greenhouse drop below what that plant needs. You can’t grow tomatoes easily in the dead of winter for example, but it’s possible. You can’t grow iceberg lettuce when it’s 110F outside. If you follow the basic rules of gardening, then yes, you can grow just about anything in aquaponics that you can normally grow, aquaponics just makes it easier.
What happens on vacation?
Your water levels of the tank will drop. If it’s very hot and enough evaporates, this could stop your pump circulation and plants could die within a day or two. Fish do not need to be fed every day, only if you plan on growing them fat to eat. You can actually go 2 weeks without feeding fish and it won’t harm them, much. The most important thing is to top off water. Water evaporates about 10% per week in Phoenix, AZ in the summer (hot, dry climate). So a 300 gallon tank will drop 30 gallons a week. If you don’t have a way to add new water that would be the biggest factor. Plants will eventually lose nutrition if you go weeks without feeding the fish, but your typical 3 day weekend, and even most week events are fine. The real danger is a leak or some unexpected tragedy like a power outage. Water has to circulate to keep the fish alive, an hour of stale water could poison or choke your fish. A simple battery backup will run for many hours and prevent most problems.
What happens on a power outage?
Fish can go about 30 minutes to a few hours without fresh air depending on how stocked your tank is, the temperature, and if they are shocked or sleeping. I dedicate a very detailed article of how to prevent this completely, and how to manually manage it if there is an extended power outage. The bottom line is, if you aren’t monitoring it and it goes for more than a few hours, all of your fish die. If it goes for a week, and you do not manage it or provide off grid power, your fish will die. Plants take much longer to die (weeks), depending on temperature.
How often do I have to feed fish?
The more frequently you feed them, the less stressful it is on them, and the faster they grow. I feed mine once a day, but I understock. A heavily stocked tank would benefit from 3-6 feedings a day. You can go up to two weeks without feeding the fish, but they won’t grow fast, and might eat each other if they can fit them in their mouths depending on what type of fish you have.
How much does fish food cost?
3 months of food for about 75 fish costs about $50 if you buy pellets. It goes rancid sometime between 4 and 6 months depending on the temperature. You can also grow food like duckweed, black soldier fly larvae, crickets, and red worms or mealworms. This is a more complete nutrition for the plants (especially if they are fruiting/flowering), though the fish will get big and fat no matter what you feed them. Tilapia eat leftovers like spinach and lettuce leaves and all kinds of stuff. Catfish eat whatever fits in their mouth. Bluegill and trout eat live food only (most of the time). Costs of food depends on exactly what you need to feed them, but it’s very little.
What are the utility bills?
25 watts, 24 hours a day, 30 days is 18000 watts. If you are paying 15c per kW that would be (18 kW * .15) about $2.70 a month for the electrical. Water is maybe $10 a month or so. This is for a 300 gallon system. Smaller systems use less.
Is it safe to eat from plastic grow containers?
yes and no. I will show you how to get food safe containers and protect them from UV light. You already drink from plastic water pipes, bath in plastic water pipes, eat tons of things from plastic, wear plastic, etc. If you do not take the right precautions, any plastic can be toxic. I’ll show you how to fix this.
Can I get disease/virus from aquaponics?
yes, if you have mammal feces in your system, it’s possible to transmit those types of pathogens into the roots or leaves of plants. Fish are not mammals, so you won’t get E. Coli or other types of diseases from them. However, if your cat uses your grow bed for it’s litter box, that could be a problem. The wok (and 500F + oil for a few seconds) fixes this issue. In general, no you cannot get diseases from plants this way, and I think it’s a good idea not to eat any raw food. However, I will add this as a disclaimer so you know it’s technically possible to get a warm blooded parasite from raw foods. This is true no matter where you get your food from. With that said, there are no known cases of parasites in aquaponics that can transfer to humans to date.
Is aquaponics legal?
Currently, yes. However, you must follow certain laws for certain types of tilipia or other exotic fish. Also, you cannot sell fish in certain areas unless they are dead (then you have to follow food rules), or if they are alive (then you have to follow exotic pet rules). You cannot sell vegetables without certain licenses and permits but each municipality is different. All that I know of allow you to eat whatever you want for you and your family. The sales part is where you have to worry about laws.