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SQF Calculation of a Cylinder

Need to know how many square feet that 5 gallon bucket holds, or how many square feet that 55 gallon barrel lid holds?

Area of a Circle

Area of a Circle

SQF of a bucket

It is recommended that you have at least 54 sqf of growing space for each adult if you plan on providing 100% of edibles from your garden. So how many sqf does a bucket hold? Assuming you have 12 inches of depth:
π x radius ² / 144
3.141592653589 * 5.75 * 5.75 / 144 = 0.69 SQF
Hrm, looks like you’ll need about 79 buckets to get 54 sqf. I suggest not to go this route.

SQF of a 55 Gallon Lid

There is a neat demo unit made from a single 55 gallon barrel and we even offer the plans to you for free. Again assume that you have 12 inches deep, and let’s see how many of these we need to reach our 54sqf of grow bed goal:
π x radius ² / 144
3.141592653589 * 11.5 * 11.5 / 144 = 2.89 SQF each, or about 19 55 gallon barrel tops!
On the other hand, 54sqf fits nicely in a 9 by 6 feet rectangle….

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