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PVC Irrigation Tips

I wish I would of known this on my first aquaponics system build:

tree frog in pvc

Tips for Fitting PVC with Glue

  • Start from the water source and work your way back
  • Use primer if you are gluing
  • Use enough glue to have a small bead when you push them together, not a drip
  • Only glue what you don’t want to come apart or adjust

Common Sense PVC Tips:

  • Dry fit 1/4″ deep before gluing
  • Remove all burrs with sandpaper to prevent clogs
  • inspect the insides of the pipe before you glue them together
  • Avoid getting dirt into the pipes as you build them. Block up the far end while you work on other peices
  • stuff a rag into the end of the pipe if you have to stop for the night
  • Plan for ways to clean out your design, it will clog eventually
  • Holes drilled will fit clay hydroton balls nicely – use slits instead
  • Do not use a wrench to tighten plastic nuts on PVC, hand tighten only
  • Wait 24 hours before using freshly glued pipes

PVC Irrigation and Drainage

  • Sharp bends (90 degree elbows), cause resistance in your drains
  • A good rule of thumb for drains: use a larger drain pipe than input pipe
  • Larger pipes have less pressure and more volume

PVC Safety

  • Use fish safe resins and glues
  • Snapping PVC with your bear hands is cool, until it rips your knuckles apart on a sharp edge.
  • Primer (acetone) melts plastic… be careful
  • PVC gets soft around 140 degrees, CPVC gets soft around 180 degrees
  • Avoid breathing PVC dust or fumes if you heat bend something
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