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Why Cancel on Such an Amazing Offer?

Why did you Cancel?

Please tell us so we can help more people discover aquaponics. Here are the common reasons people that don’t know about aquaponics have told us reasons why they have not started their aquaponics system and food security:

No Need To Grow Your Own Food

Even if you don’t actually supply a large portion of your family’s needs, knowing how to grow food and supplying something instead of depending on GMO and pesticide food from Wal-Marts is the better option. You don’t need to dedicate more than a few square feet next to a window to learn so much about how aquaponics works. You are robbing yourself of the joy of knowledge and the ability to sustain yourself. Don’t be a sheeple! You can’t rely on the safety and availability of food being handed to you. At the very least aquaponics will give you the control and security of having knowledge which can never be taken from you.

Too Hard / Too Complicated

I agree, Aquaponics can be hard to learn, and likely you will kill a few fish or plants if you try the trial and error method. You might even get frustrated and quit if you don’t have a good guide or teacher. I have eliminated all chance of error by providing a complete checklist of what to do, when to do it and why it is done. Nothing is left to chance. You cannot fail.
For anything the guide doesn’t cover you are getting 30 days of email support and consultation (10 emails or approximately $350 worth of consulting). This is a HUGE savings and is only available for a limited time while I build up my customer base. I reserve the right to pull the bonus at any time – grab this awesome deal now before it’s gone and you have to pay full price.

Costs too Much

Nearly all of the costs related to aquaponics are in the setup or related to failures or mistakes. The guide helps you select the best vegetables and fish for your area, completely reduces the chances for error to near zero and the consulting makes sure you get hand holding and specific questions answered. You will make money by the end of the year in food savings if you follow the guide.

Not Right Now

When is a good time? If you don’t do anything different, how can anything change? Will you wait until the shelves are empty? When is a good time? NOW is the best time to start, even if it’s in the middle of winter, or you can’t build it just the way you want it. Just build something!

No Space Available

You can grow 75 lbs of food a year in about 3 square feet on a balcony in an apartment. Don’t sabotage your food freedoms because you feel more comfortable making excuses. You can do this, and I will personally help.

No Time to Build/Maintain It

If you can feed goldfish, you have plenty of time. I don’t accept this excuse and neither should you.

Don’t Believe It Will Work

huh? no really. huh? Please send me an email telling me why you don’t think it will work. I will personally help you understand!

Dirt Farming is Easier

No, it’s not easier, and it’s not always practical. It also requires fertile and safe soil and large amounts of space and water. Aquaponics beats dirt farming for almost everything except potatoes and peanuts.

You Really Have No Excuse! Order Now

For less than the price of a single tank of gas on most vehicles, you can have your own aquaponics consultant guiding you step by step:

  • Idiot Proof Check Lists
  • How to select plants that thrive naturally for your area
  • How to grow fish that are healthy, large, and ready to eat as fast as possible
  • How to save money by replacing a large portion of your food bill with Organic Produce
  • The Secret to cycling a system in less than 3 weeks
  • Weather related tips on creating the perfect environment for your aquaponics system
  • Organic pest control methods that are safe for your fish
  • How to Detox tap water and make it pH safe and Toxin free
  • The perfect balance of fish to vegetable ratios – always grow the perfect amounts
  • Tips on how to cycle your harvests for constant food production
  • Tips on how to companion plant and protect your crops naturally from pests

The pre-order digital guide and quick start guide will be available in just a few days but you’ll also get immediate access to email consulting and detailed research on just about any aquaponics related topic. This is like having me in your back yard showing you exactly how to set up your own system and helping you diagnose any issues that come up. I give detailed whitepapers and topics on anything aquaponics related, at your request and available within a few days of you asking. Here is one example:

Example 1: Need to know how to grow strawberries?

I’ll research for you:

  • disease resistant and heirloom varieties for your area
  • Pollination and propagation methods
  • Organic pest control methods against common pests
  • Amount of sunlight, airflow, humidity, spacing required
  • Perfect companion plants
  • A few great recipes related to strawberries
  • Health benefits and applications related to strawberries

In short I’ll give you incredible detail and cite my sources from people who are already doing exactly what you want to do!

Example 2: How do I size my system to feed 2 adults

  • We’ll figure out your hardiness zone, so we know what grows easily for you
  • I’ll find the type of fish that work in your area (and show you how to get them almost free)
  • We’ll review a satellite map of your property to see best placement for sun
  • We’ll discuss greenhouse/shadehouse requirements
  • We’ll talk about media types such as NFT, Floating Raft, and Clay/Rock Pebbles
  • We’ll discuss budget and make sure we can fit your goals into your budget
  • Finally, we’ll do the math on fish tank and grow bed sizing to meet your needs
  • Lastly, I’ll recommend a design that can meet all of these goals and provide a parts list

You can see, that I will go above and beyond to provide you a guaranteed-success victory and the ultimate hand-holding consulting.

Order Your Consulting Membership Now!

Here is what you are getting:

Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Everything you need to know to build, cycle, maintain, and plan harvests for your first system.
Article Research Request (monthly)
Once per month I will research any topic you wish in great detail, citing sources, studies, examples, and formulas if needed. Need solar? Got it. Need fish suppliers in your area? Got it! Sick fish? No problem! Sick Plants? You can count on me!
Article Library
There are currently 300+ pages of articles available to subscribers ranging from solar power, water heaters, rocket mass stoves, greenhouse design, fruit and vegetable specifics, recipes, calculations, and just about anything you want to know about aquaponics. This will save you hours of research and allow you to quickly get the information you need for your specific project.
Unlimited Email Consulting
Have a quick question? Ask it via email and in a day or so I’ll respond with the best help I can give you. Sometimes this is a nudge in the right direction, or links to additional research, but often it’s exactly what you need to know immediately.

Remember – the first month is only $9.97 and includes the digital copy of my quick start guide which is easily worth $39.99. But you’ll also get access to ALL articles that all other members have requested previously AND you’ll get the ability to request one detailed research per month, or as many quick emails as I can fit into the day. After that it will be only $29.97 a month and you can cancel at any time, for any reason. You can email me at any time and I’ll help you solve your aquaponics problems, or even do research like above for you in great detail. This is like having me hold your hand and guarantee success.
You won’t find a better deal anywhere. The digital copies and information that you use are yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel.